Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jus' Mac

Things have changed since writing my previous reviews. I've moved to Houston and just recently moved to the Heights. Or rather the Sunset Heights. To my good fortune there is a restaurant that just opened down the street from my house....Jus' Mac. A Macaroni and Cheese Eatery.

Bub and I have been anticipating their opening since the first day we moved in and our fifth fat sense immediately went off that there was a place for mac and cheese lovers within a two mile radius. We may or may not have driven by everyday to see if they were open.

Our dreams finally came true and Bub and I went to this amazing mecca of cheesey delicious. Bub got the BBQ mac and I got the rustic mac. The rustic mac had tomatoes and basil and some fancy cheeses which ultimately made the savory experience taste like I was eating a margarita pizza...but in the form of macaronis.

The place is cool with its hippie design complete with flat screen playing music videos from sweden. The owner did stop by at our table and point out that he basically built all of the interior structure and designed the place himself. He also wanted to know how he could make the experience better which is very appreciated. Fork chains. Eat local or die.

Down side...When you go in you order at the counter. No big deal except when we went at 7:30 there wasn't and immediate place to sit..not even to wait around and fill your nose hole with the amazing smells that get pumped out of their kitchen. But within a few minutes a table cleared up and we sat, had our amazing mac, and watched some weirdo videos on the flat screen.

I give Jus' Mac 9 out of 10 forks. Fork Yourself.

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