Wednesday, November 11, 2009

China Delight

One thing that I have found is that in Tallahassee there are very few Chinese places that are sit down and not look at the pictures on the wall. Another sign that I took as a good one was that every other table except for ours was filled with Asians. That may be due to the fact that the menu has a side that is written only in Chinese. I have also learned that the stuff that is on that specific menu is amazing.

China Delight is in the same location as Wok and Roll. It is not a buffet and doesn't give me the creeps that I might see a cat run out of the kitchen being chased by the chef with a giant knife. It is a waiter having, table sitting, fill up your water every 8 seconds kind of place.

First we ordered pork dumplings which come with the basic dumpling sauce. Personally I like fried dumplings over steamed but fried was not an option.

Then from the secret Chinese menu we ordered Eggplant in Garlic Sauce. It is amazing. One of my favorite dishes to date. It has an interesting texture where the inside of the eggplant is soft but the skin of the eggplant is a bit tougher. Next was General Tso's Chicken. It was very much appreciated because it wasn't a giant ball of fried dough. They were enormous pieces of chicken that where crispy and delish. As always you get an unlimited amount of white rice.

Having been in the past I can honestly say that the wait staff is nice and willing to please and last night was no different.

I give China Delight 8 forks out of 10. Fork Yourself.

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