Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack

After looking on and seeing that Bird's had pretty good reviews the bub and I decide to give it a try. (Even though I have already been here I thought I should review it any who).

When we came in, it is understood that when no one is sitting at tables and only at the bar you get free range of where to sit. Tonight a band was playing with no cover charge which was a nice surprise. It didn't have to be since they have a very user friendly website that tells you the line up for the week.

I have been to the trivia night before and I know that to get a table inside you have to be sitting in a seat telling everyone to fuck off and get their own chair by 5:00 at the latest.

We started off with a dozen oysters. They were awesome. Bub described them as "these are really good. They don't taste like fish barf." Always a good sign. They seem to have more availability of oysters since I have gone before and the only oyster shack in town was completely out of oysters. They are closed on Mondays and I can only assume that is the day that their shipment comes.

Bub and I both ordered a 7 oz. burger. Regular fixins are free but to add cheese depending on the type is 50 cents to $1 extra. A generous helping of Fries/Onion Rings/ or Coleslaw is your choice of a side. 7 oz $7 or 10 oz. for $10.

There are tons of other toppings to put on your burger but all cost extra with the excuse that it keeps them open.

The burger in general was awesome. It tasted like a backyard burger in the middle of summer time. It would have been a dream come true if they would had some magical slice of watermelon. Kaiser buns are always a crowd favorite. Not to juicy, not to dry, enormous burger that is enough to split between two people.

Beer was also ordered. $2 domestics and they were out of other beers that were $5. Beer is beer is beer is beer. Makes a burger all that more delicious.

Overall I give Bird's 7 forks out of 10. Fork Yourself.

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