Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have gone to Austin more in the past three months than in my entire life. The more I go I understand why everyone there LOVES it. On one of my first trips one of the lovely duderoos from Vice Grip MC (which happens to be my good food loving brother) took me on a ride down Congress. To my amazement during the ride we passed a cluster fork of trailers selling all types of food. Cupcakes, BBQ, Burgers, you enjoy getting looked down upon from the trailer gods as they hand you your food? This is the spot.

So the young fellow who looks like Grizzly Adam's younger hard core brother took me and his lady friend to a magical place. There were lights hung from trees, picnic benches set about and of course, a trailer. We ordered four different tacos.

I got one that had fried avocado in a flour tortilla and it was to say the least d-lish. Grizz Jr. and his lady friend shared a crunchy shrimp and from my sneaky pete bite, nothing but fresh ingredients, love and true compassion were in each bite of this taco. In addition to tacos, Torchy's also has an array of sauces to choose from that compliments each taco.

Needless to say the Stephanie Tanner comes out in me every time I go to Austin now and demand we go to Torchy's.

I give Torchy's 10 forks out of 10 forks. Fork Yourself.


  1. Remember that time I got bitched out for just eating a chicken taco JEEZ!!!

  2. Your order: one chicken taco minus the taco minus and additional things on said taco plus just grilled chicken