Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Home Slice

Again on a trip to Austin this time on a Thursday night. This night is special because the Vice Grip MC meets up there around 8pm for a chance to look at everyone's bike and grab some delicious grub. Of course I brought Grizz Jr. old bike I bought from him in April that I recently painted some flowers on it. You know to make it Now that I think about it I should have painted a pizza slice or some tacos on it. Mmmmm taccccccccccccccccos.

So we roll up and park in the lot right on Congress street. There are two parts tot he restaurants, a dine in and carry out. We went to the carry out and ordered through a window, which when you got close you could smell all of the joy that comes from secret recipe pizza. As instructed by Grizz Jr. I ordered the White Pizza and a Grape Soda.

My first thought was great. I ordered the local version of CC Pizza's alfredo cover disgusting. To my surprise the pizza came out covered in ricotta cheese and fresh spinach that was baked right into this mind blowing master piece. The piece that i got was a decent size and the perfect sit on the curb and jaunt at the drunky monkeys walking past.

Thanks to the Vice Grib MC for letting me tag along on their Thursday night meetup.

I give Home Slice 9 out of 10 forks. Fork Yourself.

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