Monday, August 29, 2011

Hi, my name is Nick...

I'm not only a member of the Clean Plate Club, I'm the god damned president. This is my first post so I'll start things off right. BLAM!!

What we have here Salt Toasted Tofu from Mai's Restaurant in Houston. When I was Vegan this was my church. This place used to have huge portions and the worst service. It burned down and the service improved slightly but the portions size went down. My wife and I fell in love with this dish and still cant bring ourselves to order anything else. This dish is the jam. Activate and elevate your palette.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Vietnam Restaurant

Asian food is especially close to my heart. My family considers themselves part Asian out of explanation of why we know how to handle chop sticks like Kung Foo Master Chung. This particular restaurant has taunted us for some time. Everytime we drive by you can see in the window that the place is packed almost every night. On the menu it is shown that you can reserve table which is nice since it has become a lost art of going out.

Bub and I have gone twice in the past month and have ordered some banger-rang stuff. A must have is the Vietnamese beef or chicken. The savory brown sauce coated each peice as the dish is served with a side of lime butter sauce. On our second visit we ordered crispy seafood noodles that included a very wide rangle of seafood. Nothing scary other than some squid. Unfortunately I have had slightly better at a different vietnamese place.

The decor is very modern and the staff is super nice. Again being in the heights is it a BYOB.

I give Vietnam Restaurant a 7 out of 10 forks. Fork Yourself.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pie In The Sky Co.

There is a strange lime green building on the end of 19th St almost to the corner of Shepard. It has big windows and a sign that dangles from the rooftop that says "breakfast, lunch & dinner". When you walk inside the place is decorated with local artists' art and each table has "Save room for Pie" scribbled on each table. Apparently started in Conroe Pie In The Sky Co. has come to Houston.

When Bub and I went the first time I ordered the coconut cream pie and Bub got the pecan a la mode. The coconut was a dream. Literally. Covered in whipped cream each bite had a smooth creamy taste with a hint of coconut. Toasted coconut garnishes the top of said pie with a big honking glob of home made whipped cream.

The second time Bub and I went we brought a couple of friends who ordered the buttermilk pie and the key lime. This time I ordered the Mississippi mud pie which was just a cluster fork of chocolate pudding, nuts, and everything that the pie form of mud should be. I have never heard of a buttermilk pie before and apparently this one was good but no way comparable to homemade secret family recipe.

We have yet to try the breakfast or the cake balls listed on the menu but there is always room for cake balls.

I give Pie In The Sky Co. a 7 out of 10 forks. Fork Yourself.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Home Slice

Again on a trip to Austin this time on a Thursday night. This night is special because the Vice Grip MC meets up there around 8pm for a chance to look at everyone's bike and grab some delicious grub. Of course I brought Grizz Jr. old bike I bought from him in April that I recently painted some flowers on it. You know to make it Now that I think about it I should have painted a pizza slice or some tacos on it. Mmmmm taccccccccccccccccos.

So we roll up and park in the lot right on Congress street. There are two parts tot he restaurants, a dine in and carry out. We went to the carry out and ordered through a window, which when you got close you could smell all of the joy that comes from secret recipe pizza. As instructed by Grizz Jr. I ordered the White Pizza and a Grape Soda.

My first thought was great. I ordered the local version of CC Pizza's alfredo cover disgusting. To my surprise the pizza came out covered in ricotta cheese and fresh spinach that was baked right into this mind blowing master piece. The piece that i got was a decent size and the perfect sit on the curb and jaunt at the drunky monkeys walking past.

Thanks to the Vice Grib MC for letting me tag along on their Thursday night meetup.

I give Home Slice 9 out of 10 forks. Fork Yourself.


I recently had the pleasure of going to Collina's. It is an Italian place on 19th. Complete with red checkered table clothes, BYOB, and home made foccia..this place is one of my top favs for pizza. Every time i go in there I seem to miss their daily specials which always look amazing but order pizza instead and have not been disappointed yet.

We included a table of four and were sat immediately. It took a bit of time for the waiter to finally come to our table and get waters and wine glasses but I refuse to blow off restaurants because of slightly slow service. We brought our own bottle of wine and they charged $1 per person for a corking fee...which I am fine with since I didn't have to pay a ridiculous mark up on some crap bottle of wine. We ordered the fried calamari to start and a margarita pizza for dinner.

Hands down best pizza I have ever had. The combination of melted cheese, tomatoes and chopped basil sends your mouth in a fury of mouth watering goodness. The calamari wasn't to shabby either. It was lightly breaded and served with a marinara sauce that obviously didn't come from Chez Rag├╝.

Overall I give Collina's 8 out of 10 forks. Fork Yourself.


I have gone to Austin more in the past three months than in my entire life. The more I go I understand why everyone there LOVES it. On one of my first trips one of the lovely duderoos from Vice Grip MC (which happens to be my good food loving brother) took me on a ride down Congress. To my amazement during the ride we passed a cluster fork of trailers selling all types of food. Cupcakes, BBQ, Burgers, you enjoy getting looked down upon from the trailer gods as they hand you your food? This is the spot.

So the young fellow who looks like Grizzly Adam's younger hard core brother took me and his lady friend to a magical place. There were lights hung from trees, picnic benches set about and of course, a trailer. We ordered four different tacos.

I got one that had fried avocado in a flour tortilla and it was to say the least d-lish. Grizz Jr. and his lady friend shared a crunchy shrimp and from my sneaky pete bite, nothing but fresh ingredients, love and true compassion were in each bite of this taco. In addition to tacos, Torchy's also has an array of sauces to choose from that compliments each taco.

Needless to say the Stephanie Tanner comes out in me every time I go to Austin now and demand we go to Torchy's.

I give Torchy's 10 forks out of 10 forks. Fork Yourself.

Jus' Mac

Things have changed since writing my previous reviews. I've moved to Houston and just recently moved to the Heights. Or rather the Sunset Heights. To my good fortune there is a restaurant that just opened down the street from my house....Jus' Mac. A Macaroni and Cheese Eatery.

Bub and I have been anticipating their opening since the first day we moved in and our fifth fat sense immediately went off that there was a place for mac and cheese lovers within a two mile radius. We may or may not have driven by everyday to see if they were open.

Our dreams finally came true and Bub and I went to this amazing mecca of cheesey delicious. Bub got the BBQ mac and I got the rustic mac. The rustic mac had tomatoes and basil and some fancy cheeses which ultimately made the savory experience taste like I was eating a margarita pizza...but in the form of macaronis.

The place is cool with its hippie design complete with flat screen playing music videos from sweden. The owner did stop by at our table and point out that he basically built all of the interior structure and designed the place himself. He also wanted to know how he could make the experience better which is very appreciated. Fork chains. Eat local or die.

Down side...When you go in you order at the counter. No big deal except when we went at 7:30 there wasn't and immediate place to sit..not even to wait around and fill your nose hole with the amazing smells that get pumped out of their kitchen. But within a few minutes a table cleared up and we sat, had our amazing mac, and watched some weirdo videos on the flat screen.

I give Jus' Mac 9 out of 10 forks. Fork Yourself.