Monday, November 8, 2010

Vietnam Restaurant

Asian food is especially close to my heart. My family considers themselves part Asian out of explanation of why we know how to handle chop sticks like Kung Foo Master Chung. This particular restaurant has taunted us for some time. Everytime we drive by you can see in the window that the place is packed almost every night. On the menu it is shown that you can reserve table which is nice since it has become a lost art of going out.

Bub and I have gone twice in the past month and have ordered some banger-rang stuff. A must have is the Vietnamese beef or chicken. The savory brown sauce coated each peice as the dish is served with a side of lime butter sauce. On our second visit we ordered crispy seafood noodles that included a very wide rangle of seafood. Nothing scary other than some squid. Unfortunately I have had slightly better at a different vietnamese place.

The decor is very modern and the staff is super nice. Again being in the heights is it a BYOB.

I give Vietnam Restaurant a 7 out of 10 forks. Fork Yourself.

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